Bhaja will have a competitive advantage resulting from our professionally trainedstaffs. We stressed on giving training for our employees to deliver high standards and consistent customer service with every time you choose our restaurant. Most of our staffs are Indian origin who are capable of Indian culture and can reflect the desired image of the restaurant. The well-trained staffs are friendly, try to make some interactions with customers while treating them in a very professional manner to provide an ideal Indian environment for each customer every time. Also, the consistency of staff's appearance with representation will be ensured to make everything consistent with the brand’s theme in order to familiarize the customer with Bhaja’s identity. The staffs will be trained to ask for customers’ feedback by guiding them through in-store online survey. This will help Bhaja to receive feedbacks regarding their food and services to ensure the quality, overcome the weaknesses and avoid repeating mistakes. Reflecting its mission, employees are important as much as customers because we believe that happy employees will result in happy customers and successful business, therefore there will be a combination of financial and non-financial motivations to satisfy Bhaja staffs by recognize an employee each month and keep his name/picture/ achievements in the board of “Employee of the month”. Additionally, the distinguished employee will have a financial motivation to always maintain an excellent team.